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companies that use business intelligence

The standard marketing-speak surrounding business intelligence software goes something like this: business intelligence used to be only for large enterprises, but now it’s for all businesses!. We track all premium lists from various Business Intelligence platforms such as Oracle Hyperion Enterprise, SAS Enterprise, Cognos 8, and more. Toast Toast. opportunity to maintain and update listing of their products and even get leads. A real example of a company that uses big data analytics to drive customer retention is Coca-Cola. Kyvos Insights aims to revolutionize big data analytics by providing business users with the ability to visualize, explore and analyze big data interactively, working directly on Hadoop. What it does: From hardware to software, this business analytics platform was designed for the food industry. Sisense is the leading business intelligence software for many companies, ranging from startups and developing enterprises to Fortune 500 giants, including eBay, Sony, ESPN, Comcast, and NASA. Panorama's Necto product is a BI platform which is context aware allowing any type of user to interact intuitively with data within an intelligent collaborative environment. “Insight” mode offers a visual overview of enterprise data that can expose hidden patterns. New York based Information Builders is the provider of business intelligence tools FOCUS and WebFOCUS. and get fully confidential personalized recommendations for your software and services search. Coca-Cola director of data strategy was interviewed by ADMA managing editor. Los Gatos based Kyvos has built an OLAP-on-Hadoop technology that is massively scalable and responds to queries in record short time in the order of single digit seconds. The portfolio includes Logi Info, Logi Vision, Logi Adhoc . Sisense empower the most non-technical user with the ability to access data and build interactive dashboards and business intelligence reports. Based in Newton, Massachusetts, Attivio offers a unified information access platform that lets users find all types of information with a single query and analyze data extracted from text along with traditional data. Virginia based Logi Analytics is the provider of Web based BI reporting and analysis products. In this era of big data, though, Excel no longer suffices for most enterprises. Headquartered in American Fork, Utah, Domo solves that problem by bringing the business and its data together in their intuitive platform. Jedox helps business users work smarter, streamline business collaboration, and make insight-based decisions with confidence. Tableau Online is a hosted version of Tableau Server. Domo makes it easy to see the information you want, how and when you want it for anyone from CEO to contributor and has the ability to discover, mash up, visualize, and present data any way they'd like. The dashboards are outfitted with intuitive interfaces and machine-learning algorithms that constantly improve their predictive capacities, and have led to corporate partnerships. These are achieved using multiple tools such as spreadsheets, reporting and querying software, online analytical processing, digital dashboards, data mining, data warehousing, decision engineering, process mining, business performance management and local information systems. SAP is the provider of a number of business intelligence solutions. Based on Coventry, United Kingdom, Phocas Software provides Business Intelligence solutions with expertise in manufacturing, distribution and retail, and compatible with over 80 ERP systems. And, the three CEOs here use emotional intelligence that expands their businesses. Sisense is a business analytics software company with offices in New York City and Tel Aviv. Check your inbox now to confirm your subscription. Thank you ! Izenda embeds seamlessly in applications to deliver BI directly to the people who need it most. Tableau Desktop is an intuitive, drag-and-drop tool for exploring and visualizing any data. Clear Analytics frees the data buried in spreadsheets, storing them centrally so that they can be leveraged by others in the organization. Jinfonet Software provides the JReport product suite, a Java reporting solution that delivers highly customizable business intelligence. Last but not least among the companies that use BI is the online retail giant Amazon. Atlanta based Izenda builds its self-service business intelligence platform for independent software vendors, solutions providers and enterprise users. Much like Starbucks, Amazon uses business intelligence technology to personalize product recommendations and market products, but it also uses its BI software tools for logistical business decisions. Rather than technical data mining, the company's signature desktop product emphasizes the human eye’s innate pattern-spotting ability. Meanwhile, the machine-learning-enabled interface allows for rigorous analysis, with collaboration-friendly tools for predictive and spatial modeling. Perm, Russia based Prognoz develops business software in the business intelligence or business process management market segments. GoodData offers both pre built applications for Sales, Marketing, Services, and Social, as well as customer specific implementatons. Application highlights include visually-compelling and interactive dashboards that ensure greater end-user adoption, plus pixel-perfect report generation, scheduling, and bursting. What are the Common functions of business intelligence technologies? Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Host Analytics is the leader in cloud-based financial applications for planning, consolidation, reporting and analytics. What it does: The open design of this business intelligence platform allows for a broad spectrum of analytical projects. © 2013- 2020 Predictive Analytics Today. What it does: Alteryx’s Gartner-honored platform aims to free up time for data analysts so they can do more data analysis. New York based Clear Analytics delivers a solution that empowers business users to gain direct access to data without relying on IT. What it does: Action IQ's customer data platform powers personalized marketing campaigns for clients like Verizon and the New York Times. TARGIT Decision Suite is a BI platform that offers data discovery tools, self-service analytics, reporting, and dashboards in a single, integrated solution. What it does: Instead of software, this firm provides tech experts that help companies optimize their data practices with data science principles, custom dashboards and Hadoop warehousing. {"cookieName":"wBounce","isAggressive":false,"isSitewide":true,"hesitation":"20","openAnimation":"rotateInDownRight","exitAnimation":"rotateOutDownRight","timer":"","sensitivity":"20","cookieExpire":"1","cookieDomain":"","autoFire":"","isAnalyticsEnabled":true}, What is Top 52 Business Intelligence Companies, Open Source and Free Business Intelligence Solutions, Top Free Extract, Transform, and Load, ETL Software, Cloud – SaaS – OnDemand Business Intelligence Solutions. Radnor, Pennsylvania based QlikTech is the provider of QlikView, which is a business intelligence software. Logi Ad Hoc is a ready-made reporting app that can be quickly integrated with your critical data repositories. Also, the AI should be smart enough to understand how some factors that you introduce into the equation can alter their buying behavior. Amazon and business intelligence go hand-in-hand. BI is working its way into everything, quickly: Data Mining Dairy. A certified partner of Tableau and IBM, WayPoint makes popular technology work for clients in highly regulated and specialized industries like healthcare and finance.

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