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curly girl method wavy hair 2b

You want a little give and for there to be good chunks of waves to use a product with hold, and you want to do this before the frizz starts. Did this help? I follow the CG method with conditioner and how I apply product but I not with shampoo. At this time, UFD Curly Magic is sold out nearly everywhere. This allows the cuticle to close back down, sealing moisture in. Not sure if it has ingredients that I should be avoiding, Hi Mariah! Posted by 2 hours ago. Yes to the CG Handbook, but I didn’t think she mentioned squish to condish? I use the “squish to condish” method, and I’m not sure exactly who to credit this technique to (if anyone knows please tell us below and I will edit this). A light gel. Here's my current Curly Girl method routine for my wavy hair, including protein treatments, refreshing, washing, drugstore products, sleeping, and styling! Great curls often start in the shower. Your second question, yep! The aveeno rose and chamomile shampoo says it is safe but the conditioner comes up unsafe on – do you know why this is or could it be a typo? I do talk about sulfates more here because I do use them a handful of times a year (and I go into what those situations are in the post here). I’ve noticed flash drying this past month too! If my hair is any drier /I will lightly scrunch in a bit of water from the sink. They work great but I’m not the biggest fan of the scent. Hope that helps! I have 2b/2c highlighted hair a bit past my shoulders. The main factor behind the Curly Girl Method is the total or partial elimination of shampoo, which will encourage the natural oils present in our hair to … Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic Curl Simulator. This must be rinsed out quickly or the hair gets weighed down. A lot of times simply getting that hair wet and lightly applying product does the trick for defining the waves.. My hair isn’t super tangly in between though unless I put it in a tight bun. IF there’s only ONE product you take away from this hair routine, let it be the Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic Curl Simulator. This is about $8 a bottle and lasts me a few months. I am curious about the analysis. This is because you’re doing it wrong– let me explain how. I go up a couple of inches with each stroke until I’m at my roots. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the info . I’d say to try the mousse mentioned here too, but if the weather is very humid near you then you may need a gel too. I’m trying to embrace my natural waves and looking for resources online. Share one of these images on Pinterest to help another Wavy Friend! The curly girl method heavily relies on gel to get hold and definition,but it’s usually WAY too much for wavy hair. Sorry about that. But also….I don’t worry too much about root volume. To avoid that, I use a big claw clip to keep my hair out of my face (like a half up/half down, pulled back with a clip). If not, what should I be looking for when I look for products here?? Curly Hair Products in India For Different Budgets – CG Friendly shampoos, conditioners, leave in’s, stylers – I’ve got them across budgets starting from options BELOW Rs.500! Usually that means every 6 weeks or so. Curly Girl Method (CGM) for wavy hair can be broken down into 2 main areas: – Things To Avoid – Things to Add In To Your Routine. If you google the curly girl method tons of info will come up. I first heard about the Curly Girl Method years ago, but I never considered it an option for my in-between, wavy hair. Then, get your hair to 80% dry. I’m having a hard time figuring out the purpose and difference between curl definers stimulators/activators and curl mousses/stylers. It will give your hair a homogeneous look and reduce “bumps”, while elongating your curls optimally. Good luck and thanks again for the kind words. as a conditioner if you have lightened your hair recently. Diffusing? Yet just a few years after the CG method caught on, wavy and curly hair became popular once again. If I don’t, I then “pineapple” my hair with a scrunchie. If it works for you with long hair, it should work well with short hair. Asking because I eventually had to do that. The name doesn’t lie, this stuff is MAGICAL. I then scrunch mousse until my hair feels coated. I use it every wash day (roughly every 3 days). You could be a Curly Girl but think you are a wavy girl. I was hoping to use their blackberry quinoa one, can I sub for that or does it have ingredients I should be avoiding? I think I' am somewhere between 2A-3A hair and have very thin, fine, low-density, flat wavy hair prone to breakage. If you have checked your curl pattern and figured you are either 2a or 2b, you are in the proper wavy category and curl experts say that you can actually uncover your hair’s curl potential beneath what you thought was “just wavy hair” or “almost straight hair” if you have a proper hair care routine.. Hope that helps! Use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to tackle each knot slowly and carefully. How often do you apply curl enhancer and mousses? It’s a more natural method of haircare for those with wavy or curly hair, designed to moisturize it and strenghten it, and to enhance curls. I just like using full product lines. Opt for a sulfate, paraben, and fragrance free shampoo. The other thing could be that your hair is over-moisturized and needs protein. I just came across your page after realizing I have more of type 2a hair than type 1 hair. I’m not sure why they work so well but I’ve had my tangle teezer since 2011 and it’s still my go to! Do you wear a shower cap or do you just let the water run over your hair or something else I haven’t thought of? . Copyright @2020 - All Right Reserved. Another curl enhancer that is similar is Camille Rose Curl Maker. TBH, most days I flip my hair “against” my part until it’s dry, then once it is dry, flip it to the “normal” side. Personally, I don’t like to spend the time diffusing – remember those toddlers? If my scalp is disgusting but I also want to have freshly washed hair within the next two days (i.e. I used to have mostly wavy hair, and over time following the curly girl method, it has become curlier so that it's mostly curly now with some wavy parts. But if you want my “normal” routine….this is it. This shampoo (low-poo) lathers very well and is quite cleansing. First thing first. How to Start CG Method for Wavy Hair with Pocket-Friendly Products – An easy guide to starting a wavy hair routine. And I’m so glad I did! I grow it out and then cut it again because I just get tired of the battle. Related Post: Tips to Wash Hair Less Often. Not only in the amount of product, but the weight of the product. Since my hair is quite damaged after bleaching it yet again and my waves aren’t very defined, what would be your recommended products for both moisturisng it and defining waves? Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair 2A 2B 2C. Ah yes, back to this holy grail. I immediately couldn’t bring a comb or denman brush through my hair so I rinsed it out thoroughly and started over. 5 déc. 35 comments. YES! This will allow your curls to dry and hold in place without causing disruption. Deep conditioner: cold pressed unrefined coconut oil, Related Post: How to Do a Coconut Oil Mask on Wavy Hair, Detangle: dry detangling with Tangle Teezer, clarifying wash: Yes to Tea Tree & Sage Shampoo, ACV Rinse: raw organic apple cider vinegar, Related Post: Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Tips for Wavy Hair, Cowash: Yes to tea tree & sage conditioner. Wavy hair is the envy of many yet it is sometimes left stranded between straight a n d curly hair with not as much care tips and methods. You might leave your hair in the turbie twist longer, or scrunch it with a regular microfiber towel (or tshirt), or diffuse. I just discovered my wavy 2a/2b hair. hide. I’ve been using the aveeno shampoo and conditioner suggested here. Welcome to the whole wavy hair method journey thing Ugh, it’s tough to not go crazy on new products at first! To answer your questions 1. not quite interchangeable! Hope that helps! Also, using mousse means your hair isn’t as heavy as it would be with gels/creams. This is my curly girl method routine for 2b 2c 3a hair. May 26, 2020 - Great example of 2B hair care routine with products, wash day, refreshes, diffusing and application tips, and resources on figuring out your hair's porosity and curl type. Oh fun, hope it’s going well! Apr 7, 2020 - Here's my current 2B - 2C hair care routine, including wash day, refreshes, protein treatments, and products I use... More information Here's my current Curly Girl method routine for my wavy hair, including protein treatments, refreshing, washing, drugstore products, sleeping, and styling! Glad you’ve got a product to try to use a new way. Think this would still work? Learn more about MailChimp's privacy practices here. Thank you! That’s right, this routine contains TWO holy grail products! Low-poos are very user friendly if you are just starting your natural hair journey. I actually already use the Herbal Essence mousse but was not using it right. Second, do you not use gel anymore? I fully rinse in between. So the curly girl method works for wavy and curly hair. It makes the hair soft, enhances waves, and calms frizz. I use Yes to Tea Tree shampoo as a “normal” shampoo (not sure if you meant conditioner there so I’m answering for both) and coconut oil I only use as a deep treatment. This routine is MAGIC. September 2019. I’ve really been struggling with coming up with a simple routine and not overbuying unnecessary products and stumbled upon this post, which has definitely pointed me in the right direction! Hi there! I find if I use it other times it weighs my waves down and leads to build up. I try to stay away from products that are sulfate and paraben-free along with gluten due to celiac. I am a 2b/2c wavy. So I’d suggest this mask to use as a deep treatment (it has both moisture AND protein!). The more natural, the better, as artificial ingredients can be very drying to curls. Really, you can look at the pictures in my 2 minute refresh post and the technique is quite similar (my hair is about double the length now!). How I Use: First things first I will use a little of this conditioner to detangle my hair (with my fingers) and rinse completely. Hi! Type 2 texture is typically flatter at the root and lays close to the head, getting curlier from the ears down. While the name doesn’t say it, this IS a low-poo because it’s sulfate free! To make this clear to any new readers, no this isn’t sponsored. I don’t use gel on refresh days, only mousse. Hi there! Typically bleached hair needs protein. I followed the curly girl method for 30 days with a cgm approved wavy hair routine. Essentially, the method is no sulfate, no drying alcohols, no silicone, no heat. The Curly Girl Method on damaged wavy hair (2a/2b) - YouTube Hope that all helps -Rachel. I cut my hair Tuesday, and it looked GREAT on Tuesday. Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window). Hi, I have been working with the Curly Girl Method for around seven months now, and my 2a waves just look horrible. If you want to try one, try the one with hold first! Sorry if that was in here and I missed it, Hi there! Well, the salon put way too much product in it, so I washed it Tuesday night. You caught a typo! Some things to consider, like you’ve mentioned the amount. I’ll have to double check. This website is for sale. Hope that helps! This is often because their finer curls will fall flat. Here is how the curly girl on a budget can get started. Good luck on your waves! There’s a recipe here. This thread is archived. This is the best wash routine for 2a/2b wavy curls. Even calling my hair wavy has always felt a little generous: Whatever wave my hair is sporting on any given day is almost always overshadowed by some show-stealing frizz, dry texture, and altogether unwieldiness—it wasn’t obviously curly hair. I think this actually helps my waves form into more ringlets/waves. Yay!! Our black sisters knew and were practicing at least some of these methods long before. However, if you have been straightening your hair for years, you might not even know what your real hair type is. Also, what do you do to detangle your hair on days when you don’t wash it? It helps your hair look shiny and defined without any damage involved. I wash my hair twice most times to be sure all product is out. Hopefully that all helps I’ll probably create a post about FAQs on here because so many people have asked great questions! Get ready for an affordable, easy hair routine for wavy hair! This is best done while still in the shower. Do you have any suggestions? I don’t detangle my hair in between with brushing or any particular product. That causes buildup/grease. When I found the CGM, I hoped I had found the solution, but my hair seems too stubborn. Things To Avoid. Also, any tips for a newbie would be very welcome! For the first time ever, my 2a-2c waves came out defined and separated instead of a rat’s nest. Coat all of your hair in conditioner and let the water run through. If you want a fully CGM shampoo, check out this one! It offers a good hold but without getting crunchy. Dry detangling before a shower was a GAME CHANGER for me. Afterward, plop your curls into an old, soft t-shirt or a microfiber towel. The line that caught me was “oat as the first ingredient.” Most shampoos/low-poos have water or maybe aloe vera juice as the top ingredient. She shares her favorite tips, products and techniques to fight frizziness, air dry, enhance curls and style fine or thick hair (2a, 2b, 2c). Katherine has wavy hair and loves the Curly Girl Method. Nothing too detailed, I just want some moisture there. This is the best wash routine for 2a/2b wavy curls. Typically what I look for is that the curl definer/stimulator to help form the waves/clumps of waves, and the mousse is what holds them in place after they have formed. So I have the problem that I try to use the curly girl method and don’t brush my wavy hair … Curl custard is the go-to product for making wavy hair curly. Readers love to hear when things help others To answer your questions….YES! 9 times out of 10 I sleep in it! -Rachel. report. Oct 26, 2020 - Explore Corinne | Slay At Home Mother's board "Curly Girl Method", followed by 7982 people on Pinterest. Please select all the ways you would like to hear from All Wavy Hair: You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. -Rachel. Hello! I like how your method is fairly descriptive with examples of products. Excited to start switching over , Not a problem, good luck! I’ve been following the curly girl method about 18 months now and here is what my 2b/2c/3a Wavy Curly Hair Routine looks like! -Rachel. It definitely won’t clarify. How I Use: Basically, I use the Aveeno Rose Water & Chamomile Blend Shampoo as a “normal” shampoo. I use all curly girl approved products and curly girl method styling techniques to enhance my 2b 2c 3a curly hair and reduce frizz. .....Not Really My Thing. Subscribe to All Wavy Hair, never miss a post! Wavy 2a 2b curls HELP. -Rachel. How I use: Basically whenever I notice my hair is dry, I’ll use this in place of a regular conditioner. It’s a holy grail that I’ll repurchase over and over. This is why it’s better to use a mild or organic conditioner whilst on this program. Approximately 95%-98% of the conditioner is removed. This is often because their finer curls will fall flat. 2B Hair type is best described as wavy hair. My commute would allow for 20 minutes of clipping, so I did do my triceratops root clipping method if you need an in-between. As your rinse the shampoo out, the ends get very gently cleansed. Beauty. So glad this is helpful in some ways at least! -Rachel. In the shower I use Not Your Mother’s Naturals tahitian gardenia flower mango butter curl defining shampoo. How does the UFC work on non-coarse, finer hair? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This method was first made popular in December 2001, when hairstylist Lorraine Massey released her hair-care guide, Curly Girl: The Handbook. I came across this routine, and since it didn’t require me to by insanely expensive products, I gave it a try. 2c. 2019 - Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair 2A 2B 2C curly hair routine, hair products, and transformation results #curly #curlyhair #2a #2b #2c I’m getting my hair cut for the first time in months in a few days. Plus it’s easier to deal with, and the drains don’t clog (really though. I get some actual curls, some good wave, a whole bunch of really wrong waves, and some fairly straight if I just arrange my hair as it comes straight out of the plop and leave it to dry. I washed it this morning, so I’m hopeful it will look better again. Hi! All the conditioner to sit before working through each individual knot. Curly girl method products for wavy hair (type 2) My hair definitely falls into the latter end of wavy, somewhere between 2c and 3a. Wavy Curls. I think have normal porosity. That I find encourages the clumps/waves. I also got a haircut than and my hair has not been growing as fast as it used to before cg. Thanks -Rachel. The only parts of my hair that don’t look good are the ends, but I’m sure they are very damaged from heat, brushing, and just general poor care in the last six months. save. If I add in gel, I will do that step in the shower, directly after a curl enhancer. Curly Girl Method for Wavy hair routine #curlygirlmethod #cgm #slayathomemother #wavyhair #hairstyles #2b #2a #curlyhair #wavy #curly #haircare #CoconutOilHairCare Thank you! I really want to use both of them! ), I wrote  a whole post about apple cider vinegar! Hi Brittany! Yep! My big struggle is getting the moisture my hair needs without the protein that makes it dry. While warm water is perfect for helping to loosen up any debris on the scalp, wavy curls benefit from being rinse with cool water. If you have tangles often, I highly recommend DRY detangling by brushing your hair with a tangle teezer before getting it wet. I didn’t style it yesterday morning, so it looked a little rough. -Rachel. At a time when pin-straight hair was the ideal look for all women, it was considered revolutionary to embrace curls. Close. I am curious about the analysis. I’ve been following the curly girl method about 18 months now and here is what my 2b/2c/3a Wavy Curly Hair Routine looks like! My hair tends to get weighted down but heavy conditioners (I’ve never been able to co-wash) and oils. While curls are still soaked, apply your hair gel or styling product. Hairstyles. Hello there! 448. I started doing the curly girl method in October of last year and notice my hair becoming thinner. Check out this set that includes a dryer and the black orchid. How much heat styling did you do prior to those 7 months? Hope that all helps a bit! I have never tried the CGM but have been interested lately trying with my 2B hair that always ends up in a ponytail or bun because I don’t want to take the time to straighten it , Hi there! Thanks! Keep reading if you take morning showers!…. Many curly girls with wavier strands express difficulty managing their curls. Type 2 wavy texture is not quite straight and not completely curly, with the spectrum of hair ranging from loose loops to coarse, thick S-shaped waves combined with curls. Only use it once a week at first though! Type 2 wavy texture is not quite straight and not completely curly, with the spectrum of hair ranging from loose loops to coarse, thick S-shaped waves combined with curls. This option by Aveeno is no exception. p.s. There are different lists of CG method approved hair products. On the other days I primarily put my hair into a bun and don’t get it wet. Your email address will not be published. Here’s a post all about clarifying. Then I move onto the next step…. Having type 2B hair is pretty great: You were basically born with perfectly styled hair. Rinse about 95% of the conditioner out, allowing a small bit to remain. Thank you! Do you SLEEP in the turbine twist and take it off the in the morning. The curly and wavy hair community have absolutely pushed companies to create more sulfate free and silicone free options at a great price point. That has always made a BIG difference for me. I’m done! Required fields are marked *. Any tips to share? I’d start with mousse and see how that works! I don’t use a shower cap though that could be helpful! If NONE of those work, homemade flaxseed gel is also a great option. On rushed days I skip this step. Curly Girl Method for Fine Wavy Hair. First, I wanted to say your website has been very helpful. Article by Corinne | Slay At Home Mother. Instead, take the time to completely saturate curls, remove excess water, and then completely coat curls with a moisturizing conditioner. Hi Rachel! -Rachel. The Herbal Essences Totally Twisted is my favorite mousse. Have you ever struggled with your type 2a/2b wavy curls? Even calling my hair wavy has always felt a little generous: Whatever wave my hair is sporting on any given day is almost always overshadowed by some show-stealing frizz, dry texture, and altogether unwieldiness—it wasn’t obviously curly hair. My turby twist fell off in the night, and I think I might have put a little too much stimulator in it. This is considered pretty minimal still as many wavies use 4+ styling products vs 2 (but I get you, easy and minimal is so nice!) The curly girl method can be properly researched in the Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey, which is basically the Curly Girl Bible.. I am looking for styling advice for those of us who don’t get enough organized waves to make their hair look just messy/beachy. September 2019. View All-Wavy-Hair-227769691132050’s profile on Facebook. I shower at night too. I find if I go any higher that my hair gets too much build up on days 2-4. If you want a detailed blog post on any of these, please comment below. I think the only difference in the line is the fragrance. Type 2b hair generally has a nice sheen, so be sure to choose lighter products such as mousses or gels that can enhance your waves without weighing them down. I clarify once every 4-5 washes on average. See more ideas about Curly girl method, Curly girl, Curly hair styles. Examples- Mop Top Curly Hair Custard, Cantu – Define & Shine Custard, Kinky Curly – Curling Custard, Curls – Curl Souffle, Aunt Jackie’s™ – Curl La La – Defining Curl Custard (Use my code CURIOUSJALEBI for a discount) or. I learned about the curly girl method years ago. I’ve just discovered that I actually have wavy 2b/c hair instead of frizzy straight hair! You can see the change in my hair in the photo below, and more of my curly girl method before and after in this post. Jul 17, 2018 - Curly girl method before and after results wavy hair 2a 2b 2c I’m so glad to hear that! Leave your hair in the turbie twist for at least 20 minutes. I’d love to hear if you like it! Be sure to comment below if you try this routine, or love anything mentioned. -Rachel. Comments, questions, critiques,  and suggestions asked respectfully are always welcome! Is it possible to use others from them? Check out this set that includes a dryer and the black orchid. Read on to find out more about my curly girl routine! I’m enjoying experimenting with my natural hair. It might be the time of year! note: **this shampoo contains amodimethicone, which is NOT like other silicones. I just have two questions for you. However, before the CGM, when my hair was shorter, I could get nice waves just by finger combing it backwards as it dried and alternately pulling it gently away from my scalp to get body. I am still learning all the tips and tricks to having a good routine. Just found your website and I love it! By clicking below to subscribe, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to MailChimp for processing. I have a post coming about my fall/winter wavy hair routine (using a different low-poo) so be sure to subscribe if you aren’t yet! I think the UFD Curly Magic works great with fine hair, but you may want to use a bit less, and be aware of how much other product you’re using if that makes sense? Ugh, I totally get that love/hate thing! Then, I go to bed. In the shower I use Not Your Mother’s Naturals tahitian gardenia flower mango butter curl defining shampoo. Do you really just detangle with conditioner, put it in a twist, and then let it air dry? If you have fine wavy hair, you cannot expect to get 3C curls on the Curly Girl Method. -Rachel. There are a lot of helpful tips, and it’s both more digestible than a lot of other information and really helpful as a format to put your own products and modifications into. So I’d first try your routine without the UFD and see what happens (without replacing it), and if that doesn’t work I’d try adding protein (these are the protein drops I use). In fact, the Curly Girl Method was originally set out for both wavy and curly hair. I detail how to use each product for each wash day, and also the other treatments to do less often (like a hair mask!) Hello there! First of all, hooray for us! GVP Conditioning Balm should be used as a rinse out conditioner or deep conditioner. I woke up with a frizz bomb, lol. Just don’t move onto the next step until your hair is *at least* 80% dry, but NOT fully, 100% dry. I don’t want to brush it down, but I don’t know how else to control it. This one does not coat the hair in the same way as other silicones. A simple breakdown: Type 1s are straight, Type 2s are wavy, Type 3s are curly, and Type 4s are coily. Been looking for an easier routine than I have seen. I use this 2 minute refreshing method, and in that I would address any tangly sections. -Rachel, Almost every CG resource says only wet detangle, which I’m realizing didn’t do enough for my fine, wavy hair no matter how much water and conditioner I added. My hair is fine but prone to build up and oil on my scalp. What is the purpose of each separately? If I’m just bored of my waves and want to change things up, I’ll do flexi rods in my hair overnight. Why I Didn’t Support Love Beauty and Planet for Wavy Hair and WHAT CHANGED MY MIND. Many Type 2 waves are delicate, so the less you touch your hair the more wave you’re gonna get. Do you have any recs? I’ll edit that shortly. Yet again stealing these words were from a different hair routine: As a wise wavy once said, “It takes way longer to write out how I apply the products than it does to actually apply them.” Truth. For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. For the basic Dos and Don’ts, head to our original CG blog. 2 minute refresh method that you can read about here. A lot of Type 2 curly girls straighten their strands, but we’re going to show how to make those waves behave! , So glad it worked for you! If you can find it you’re lucky! This hair type is not quite curly and it’s not quite straight. This will evenly distribute the conditioner while gently rinsing it out. Sulphates; Silicones; Heat; Essentially, all of the above will dry your waves out. Type 2: Wavy Hair. I have since heard that many others have had a similar experience from this particular product. If I workout, I will rinse the “edges” of my scalp line about one inch in (to remove the sweat). Keep in mind I have coarse, thick hair that is below my chest. In spring-fall, maybe every 4th wash. How I use: same as the GVP conditioning balm, just something else to change it up. Another option I’ve been recommending in place of is the Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker Hope that helps! I hated gel in my hair but I’m trying it again now with the scrunch thing, if I could be patient enough to keep my hands out too! For fine hair, I’d say use this OR a leave-in product, but not both (it’ll get weighed down). A-cone acts differently than other silicones, so some wavies like myself love it. Archived. Hey! . My current hair care routine just a month into the Curly Girl Method has already transformed my hair and enhanced my curl pattern! Because you mention having to rinse it out quickly but then mention leaving it on while you do your other shower stuff. I haven’t really found the right wavy hair product for me, so right now I’m using shea moisture makuna honey and yogurt repair leave in treatment since my hair is dry and frizzy due to getting it dyed blonde. If you have fine wavy hair, you cannot expect to get 3C curls on the Curly Girl Method. So I started the curly girl method recently and I’m struggling to find a good leave in conditioner.

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