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are svs subwoofers good

Due to this design, the air mass vibrates correctly at precise frequencies. Read here. That’s why it is safe to say this SVS subwoofer is the culmination of all SVS advanced models and packed with innovations that complement the 21st century.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thehifiguide_com-box-4','ezslot_2',115,'0','0'])); Mostly, the digital control pad is used for adjusting the volume. One thing to note is you simply cant go wrong with an SVS product. This is known as ‘Helmholtz Resonance’. It also facilitates in creating accurate response under all operating conditions. Experts recommend using better speakers with it, as according to them, the SVS SB-4000 Subwoofer isn’t designed for small rooms or small speakers. Also, the capability of MOSFET devices creates high output levels. We also compared its performance in both music and movies and it performed better in movies. SVS, a well known consumer-direct speaker and subwoofer manufacturer, has recently introduced yet another subwoofer line: The 3000 series.Under review here … I went with a SVS-PB16-Ultra. You feel the delivery of every single note with impact and clarity; there are no high-range, mid-range, or low-range issues either.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thehifiguide_com-leader-2','ezslot_7',113,'0','0'])); On the contrary, ported subwoofers are also good, but the deep bass is sometimes missed in their lower-range, as their components make the sound more tight and controlled. Model: SB-2000 PRO -BLACK ASH. They are responsible for seismic rumble and crushing impacts in the movies. It stays faithful to what the artist intended. The front-firing 10″ driver uses the solid fiber composite cone for enhanced sensitivity. This is its ‘iron fist’ that plays a significant role in making the bass tight and controlled. It is expertly embedded in front chamfer that angle the main display in a great way for optimal viewing. Music, movies and TV shows become more convincing and every audio experience takes on an added energy and feeling with SVS anchoring the low end. It digs deep to produce the impact of soundtracks and brings out those tones that dip lower and lower. The footprint just measures 16.5 inches. Customers from all walks of life flood it with A++ ratings and reveal that the way it produces earth-shaking output, it’s amazing. When it comes to low-end bass that can be felt as much as it can be heard, we firmly believe the SVS SB-16 Ultra is the best subwoofer. SKU: 6394990. It is super-compact and fits even a small studio. In reality, there is no comparison. It can be compared and tested against many SVS subwoofers. If you want to play with the sleeping mode or auto power option, there is a 12V trigger option that facilitates adjusting and switching the modes. Well, this isn’t true. The SB-3000's newly designed 13" … It is rated at 800 watts RMS, and at peak power, it is around 2500+ watts. One can have separate listening modes for movies and music. Every bit of bass of the metal genre is highly responsive too; it has the depth with significantly more punch behind it. Polk Audio PSW505. It passes even the toughest ultra-low bass test. You will need to get the SVS SB-1000 in a pair. The blast waves in the action scenes will be quite authentic and make you feel the physical sense of vibration. It is something that plays with the voice-frequency balance and generates different kinds of basses for different kinds of music genres. With the LFE input connection, there is no need to make any adjustments; it doesn’t matter whether you are opting for 2-channel or surround sound listening. The frequency response rate is 13-280 Hz. It offers 11 Hz in-room low-frequency extension. When we assess the features of PC-2000 pro, it feels like it is a new take on an old look. The frequency response is 19-310 Hz +/-3dB. This allows you to customize its bass. It is hard to find this kind of audio DSP in the subwoofers. The driver of this subwoofer is powered by a Sledge STA-300D amplifier. It can be a tad hard to perceive its feature, particularly for first-time users. It is mostly a redesign with engineering cues taken from SVS’s higher-end subs. For instance, when you seal one of the ports, it produces deeper bass frequencies. Most subwoofers count on a limited number of controls; this isn’t the case with SVS SB-4000 subwoofer. You can push it to its limit to experience how it creates a full theater-like experience at home. The double-thick MDF front baffle makes it sonically inert and resonant free. Next, connect your subwoofer with the receiver’s AVR directly through the LFE input. It is an exceptionally powerful subwoofer that decimates the competition near its $500 price range. You can find the keys right over its perimeter for setting up the sound… All the inputs and outputs are at the back panel too. Its app is compatible with both Apple and Android platforms. A good sealed subwoofer is a beautiful thing. If it is possible, try to place it in the corner of the room. It can be turned off but it defaults to turning back on if the SVS SB-4000 subwoofer is disconnected from the power source. It conveys the drums and bass in everything you listen to. Color: Premium Black Ash. It does so many things right. It is known for unleashing immense sonic energy while maintaining the control and accuracy of the sound. It accomplishes the same task in many ways; every genre has its special feeling. It shows updates in real-time on the app. But you can do all these adjustments via SVS’s free smartphone app.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thehifiguide_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_1',123,'0','0'])); SVS app has many benefits; it allows you to select your room layout, change volume settings, and tweak crossover frequencies. The complete reimagining of the internal components makes this subwoofer give an impressive performance. It performs fantastic with movies; better than music tracks. Once the receiver is connected successfully, set the phase control to zero and turn the volume up only 50% to test and make sure everything is properly equalized. It produces its power in a great delicate manner that is clean and has a deep force. In case you have used the SB-1000 model before, and the size of PB-1000 is creating an issue for you, taking the grille off can cut its depth size. It is larger and more hearty and heftier. Though, before configuring it, bear in mind, there isn’t any automated calibration function. It is presented with either premium ash wood or piano white finish.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'thehifiguide_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_13',111,'0','0'])); It has a minimal footprint and it is hard to notice. The SVS subwoofer is the line from SVS that challenges the status quo of overpriced, underperforming subwoofers. All these things make SVS PB-1000 an award-winning product. Next, the things that can puzzle you are its ‘Controls’. The thing we love the most about SVS products are they blend seamlessly with all the speakers; their functions can be adjusted according to your personal listening preference. If you have seen the PB13-ultra, you will see many similarities. For example, if you put it in the corner, the sound can be excessively boomy. The sound will stay smooth and give an accurate performance on music and movies.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thehifiguide_com-box-4','ezslot_7',109,'0','0'])); Experts believe the fullness of its sound can compete with the subwoofers with inverter models. If the distortion levels are high, particularly in mid-range or high-range, it means the subwoofer isn’t good. The grills of this model are stout pieces. Last but not least on our list of the best subwoofers is SVS SB-1000 sub. Due to its powerful components, it can pump out loads of fast, clean, and bottom-end punches that make music come to life. Similarly, placing it on any weird location can make the sound unbalance. Also, the FEA-optimized motor has a high-power voice coil which is mostly not available in the economical subwoofer. Welcome everyone, in today's video, we are sharing with you top 10 beastly subwoofers of 2019 that you can buy. Want a chance to enter our monthly giveaway? The SVS PB-1000 plays deep. When you see the rocket on the screen, you feel an intense rumbling that doesn’t sound congested or muddy. The SVS PB-1000 is a 10" front-firing subwoofer that achieves such low frequencies thanks to its powerful motor with dual high-grade ferrite magnets and FEA-optimized components. Every supercharged bass note has more punch behind it.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thehifiguide_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_11',114,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thehifiguide_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_12',114,'0','1'])); Other than that, we understand the main concern is always the distortion. Stereo Bass for Dedicated 2-Channel Systems. For instance, when it comes to ‘Metal’, it produces amazing intensity and ferocious sound which is the essence of the Metal genre. The premium and remarkable features in this unit are the ‘Bass Diversity’. When we assessed its highs and lows and all the key features, we were surprised that the SVS brand has included almost all the advanced technological features that are presented in the expensive lines only. You can read our in-depth SVS PB-1000 review here. The lyrics are utterly clean throughout the song; you don’t miss any beat. No other subwoofer like it adds scale or impact to a surround sound experience. You will feel the sound waves vibrating through it. The SVS SB-1000 subwoofer has an FEA-optimized motor technology for low distortion. Its design has the efficiency of the Class D amplifier. It has a massive effortless output with an immersive impact so powerful you feel it. This will change its overall performance and make it give louder bass with good accuracy. I was anxious to see if a subwoofer at this price point could indeed compete with subs … Also, the Electronic Genre is loud and incredible. In case you already have a subwoofer and you want to connect another SB-1000 with your receiver, it is better to place them in two corners. One thing you should keep in mind is it is monstrously heavy. Add thumping bass to a home theater with this 13.5-inch SVS subwoofer. Without grille, the cabinet dimensions are 13.5 x 13 x 14 inches. Discerning audiophiles and 2-channel purists know … The frequency response is between 19Hz-270Hz. Hi, I'm the owner of the Hifi Guide and have been an audio lover enthusiast for over 16 years. On the other hand, when some high-action scene comes, it rattles the walls of your room.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'thehifiguide_com-leader-4','ezslot_13',117,'0','0'])); First, let’s talk about the installation and setup of SVS PB-3000 subwoofer. If you have used other SVS subwoofers, you will find it a tad smaller in size, but it is by no means small. Moreover, the deep bass extension is below 20 Hz, which means you have the full potential of the 12-inch driver without compromise. Its performance has been tested in the real world and laboratory environments to check how it acquires low-frequency extension and gets detailed output capabilities. (Opens in a new tab). SVS SB-1000 size is 13.5 x 13 x 14.6 inches. However, the reality is totally different. It benefits from an entirely new driver design and configuration capabilities that produce room-energizing bass with pinpoint control and accuracy. It is, The 12-inch driver pumps out deep bass for. To justify the purchase, the company has also introduced a host of useful control features that make the entire setup process easier.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thehifiguide_com-banner-1','ezslot_9',110,'0','0'])); The only hardest part about SVS SB-4000 setup is finding the place to place it. Their placement should be a tad in front of the main loudspeaker. At the top edge, there is a digital control pad which controls DSP functions and store custom presets. The SVS PC-2000 Pro Subwoofer is a 34″ tall, downward-firing room shaker. It blends well with the entire sound and wonderfully pushes to the upper limit without any hint of distortion. It has a high degree of control on the low-range and changes the pressure of volume amazingly well. The Hifi Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The main purpose of this amplifier is to assist this model to reach its peak power, which is a total of 720 watts. Apart from this, you have to check its accuracy on all bass volumes too. The frictionless less structure is perhaps the only drawback is the design; it is hard to get a proper grip on it. I personally don't think that the subwoofer is too big, but I do remember that not long after I got it a visiting friend said; "What's that! Use it to configure the 3-band parametric EQ. I could not find a dealer close to me so I could not even compare it so I went with the SVS. The quality of this subwoofer can be determined by its driver, crossover points, and the size of the enclosure. I am very happy with my choice and SVS gives an excellent warranty. SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer (Black Ash) – 12-inch Driver, 300-Watts RMS, Sealed Cabinet. It is one of the ‘top dogs’ of subwoofers that still remains the top choice in its price range. It features stereo line-level input, stereo line-level output, and 12V trigger. Play any full-bass track at lower volume levels and put your ear close to the speaker. The subwoofer is 120cm high and 46 cm diameter, so it's bigger than the PC2000 Pro that's the subject of this review thread. The mid-bass range is not as powerful as deep bass. Its digital processor maintains pinpoint accuracy. Besides, its premium black finish makes it look more special. The crossover has a range of 24 – 260 Hz. Plus, the piano glass finish makes it look more elegant. It has intelligent integration for seamless blending with speakers. It is almost impossible to get these two features in an economical subwoofer. LFE coaxial port connects to the AV receiver. These are the best SVS subwoofers that you can get on the market today. However, the prominent features aren’t only in the design sector. There is a rear USB port too; it provides power for the optional wireless transmitter. I am not an audiophile, I do not measure SPLs and that "stuff". 800-Watt Subwoofer. The overall size is rather small too. The SVS Company has many subwoofer series including 1000, 2000, 3000, and 16-Ultra. SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer Great 12-inch subwoofer. To make it more attractive, they used a black cloth grille that gives it a handsome style. A powerful 800 watts produces a high volume threshold, and multiple ports lead to booming bass reproduction in this large unit that is a good option for very large spaces or dedicated home theater rooms. The Good The SVS Prime Tower is a well-built and great-sounding speaker for the money. The PC-2000 is designed for easy set-up and integration too in multi-channel systems. Good luck with your choices. With an insignificant foot and small driver, SVS SB-1000 wins the competition. On the contrary, if the distortion is low, it is a good sign. Without any dependence, the accuracy of its sounds surpasses most of its competitors. The impact of this subwoofer is hard to ignore; it doesn’t matter whether you are buying it for your gaming session or music/movies. If you are a professional gamer, the gaming sound effects will blow you away. Here are the best budget speakers. It stores 3 customs presets for movies and music. The power consumption of this subwoofer in the sleeping mode accounts for 0.5 watts. In reality, the PB-3000 is larger and more muscular than the SB-3000 version. It is pertinent to comprehend the material of the grill as it is not mentioned in the description, but the good thing is they fit tightly and never once vibrate. The first on the list is to power it up and let all its inside components warm for at least 5 minutes, especially after buying this unit. I have two SVS subwoofers: SB2000 in a medium size room (14' x 20' x 8') 5.1 HT setup (bass management/EQ with Denon 2113/Audyssey), and SB1000 in a small room (10' x 12.5' x 8') stereo system (bass management/EQ with minidsp 2x4HD/REW/APO EQ/Peace). Now we have checked how the SB-1000 is designed, it is time to review its settings. If you compare its sound with the PB-1000, we agree, SVS PB-1000 probably has more presence and it shows more depth than SB-1000, however, when it comes to diversity, it isn’t great like SB-1000 model. It is a ported design with a 10″ driver. From sound to design, it dominates its competitors.

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