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the pressing stones are a symbol of:

A ring was used as a seal of authority. ( ed note: Another great nugget of information from Dign..). combination’s of both, without these you just have pretty pic to post or hang on the wall These date from the 6th century. The “T” can also represent the cross. This grid was created by surveying line after line after line, until you ended up with a grid that resembles a tic-tac-toe game design. Put your interpretations onto the same level (the same depth) as where you are on the treasure trail. is only visiable for a few hours per day, thus maximum security for accidental sighting, AND this As we talk about Hawaiian culture, most of the people believe that the sharks are the epithet of the God and their teeth are protective charm. Many people call it ‘Jade the stone of heaven’ due to the value and durability of this spiritual stone that has a significant meaning. So how do you know when each meaning is needed at a specific time? This same holds true for the number 13 (when found in the field). The number 8 is an important treasure symbol. The treasure was supposed to be in the center square of this tic-tac-toe design. The owl is a major symbol that is still used by the secret society, and they know it as the “Owl of Minerva.” The “M” from the word “Minerva” is used, and of course the “M” is the 13th letter of the alphabet, hence the use of the number 13. A symbol of sacrifice, hope, and salvation, the cross is one of the most popular symbols of Christianity. You have been tried and have been found worthy. 5. Prayer Flag. Buddhism is a world religion with many different schools of thought, but the Dharma Wheel unites all Buddhists. From ancient Persia to the Third Reich, imperial powers have built cities in their image, seeking to reflect their power and influence through a show of magnificence and a reflection of their values. Ying and Yang symbol stones. 'The stones represent the rock on which we live but also the rock of faith. The symbols are simple but as we partake, their implications are profound. "It was a heavy mass of building, the chateau of Monsieur the Marquis, with large stone courtyard before it, and two stone sweeps of staircase meeting in a stone terrace before the principal door. According to the founder of Holy Listening Stones, Rev. The B, as I stated before, is a “closed up” 13, which is another symbol of the owl. use the Bible as a from of a Code Book. are used to give you the tenor or tone of the caches, whether is was done under duress or in tribute Another person who recently had a major career change picked two symbols for reflection. There were vertical panels covered by exquisite figures of god and goddesses, with many incarnations being depicted. In other words, you are not going to find any signs telling you to dig twenty feet under an alpha sign. family members who were still living in Mexico. According to the founder of Holy Listening Stones, Rev. As I said, this first instruction from the alpha is ALWAYS quite a distance away. Symbols On Catholic Cemetery Headstones: The Dove. As long as the treasure or mine has been monumented, and as long as those monuments haven’t been destroyed, and as long as you have the experience, you will be able to find treasure rooms and mines until the cows come home. Gold stone, an new gemstone addition, improves ambition and communication; fancy jasper enhances focus, creativity and fosters grounding. As I stated earlier, the meanings of these symbols change as you get deeper into the interpretations (as you get closer to the treasure). The number 8 has another very important interpretation to it, and many treasure hunters have failed numerous times because of their lack of knowledge about this other meaning. What is confirmation and how does it work? Am I right in concluding that the vinyl is a first pressing but second issue as Promotone was stamped in September of 1971 after the initial release in April of that year? Once they were done, they would let the clay harden and they had a permanent record. Posted in Craft, Reflection | 1 Comment, So honored to have you find these so useful! At a recent John site, there was a duck rock map found at the location given, and this duck rock told about how the steps that you were following to the treasure are only correct to the sixth step, that the true 7th step had “ducked-out” on you, which left you following a false trail. The very first stone is the sardius (124): (odem /o’-dem/) redness; a red gem (also known as sardine). Not treasure hunters. I really don’t mind when authors write a book and reveal their “solutions.” Most times they will also reveal treasure maps that are, if nothing else, great to practice your decoding abilities. These boulders are, quite literally, a “clearing house” leading the way to billions of dollars worth of treasure and ore. P8 which stands for So I thought I will put it here for everybody to see. ( Log Out /  So my friend was to go North of the village UNTIL he saw the correct shaped mountain, intead he simply drove by it , with his attention focues way to far down the trail..good lesson…good decoding of the number 40 by dign,. Look for the break or hole in the stack of boulders, this is called a Hoyo, this is Spanish The Draig Sidhe Path is an evolving mystery tradition practicing a unique form of dragon magick. Take photos, but take them at the correct time, otherwise the will not help you at all. The hoyo is While the wedding ring is an outward symbol of the couple's inward bond, illustrating with an unending circle the eternal quality of love, it signifies even more in light of the blood covenant. After the creation of the map, every instruction needed to relocate the treasure room or mine was set forth in compass degrees and exact measurements, and there is not one bit of surveying needed in order to relocate a treasure room or mine. The only problem is, the part of the map that tells you to do all of this surveying is, without a doubt, a false trail. This legendary rock band has a huge following, with fans from every generation. Again, a compass is needed so that, as you stand on this boulder, you can take compass directions to these smaller rocks. Fact: All Alphas have a very Rolling Stones fans are still going strong too! There were nymphs too, some carrying an ear of maize (a symbol of plenty and prosperity). The 2 (from the number 62) refers us to the letter “B.” As I have stated before the “B” is a closed-up 13, the 13 being another symbol of the owl, the owl being the symbol for treasure, or treasure room. ( Log Out /  The number 30 is just the opposite of the 40. I cannot even begin to put enough emphasis on why this book is so vital to your success as a treasure hunter. They are to me the confirmation of the Jesuits, no one but them would Gold stone, an new gemstone addition, improves ambition and communication; fancy jasper enhances focus, creativity and fosters grounding. These signs and symbols are just as important as the survey lines, since it was through these signs that you would be able to confirm that you were, indeed, on the correct path to the treasure. You may have found a simple looking “T” at a site and , failing to understand this numerical importance, you will continue on along the false treasure trail when, in reality, all you had to do was measure 20 feet from the “T” in order to locate your treasure room/mine. These types of “information centers” are, to me, one of the very best that you can locate, mainly because of the ease in reading the info needed to get you to your treasure/mine. It just makes logical sense. When asked to reflect how they experienced God in their lives or how their weeks went, these were some of the things shared: One 6 year old child picked the symbol of a tree and commented, “I choose this one because God is strong and God is taller than a tree!”, One 10 year boy who has abstract thinking, pointed to the tree symbol (to him it looked like an inferno) and blurted out, “that is my mom, she exploded last night just because I didn’t put my socks away in its proper place….”, Another 12 year old picked an exclamation mark and exclaimed, “I have had a very happy week!”, While having a heart to heart talk with one young adult, the person chose the “windy path” and stated in frustration that “God is so hard to figure out, He never gives me a straight answer when I need it.”. Now generally, the number 6 is used as a death trap symbol, etc. It is most valued for its metaphysical properties and believed to bless everything it touches. ( Log Out /  This number will be found on paper maps as well as in the field. The “T” can also be used to indicate the depth at which you must you must dig in order to locate the sealed opening, especially if this is the main opening (main openings are generally 22 feet deep). “Stones” are ultimately a representation of their current situation and the exposed environment. If you were to be tried for a crime, a white stone signified acquittal, and a black stone signified guilt. We don’t look at these local sites as being a small piece of a very large puzzle. It appears that no one is interested in the accurate translation, which is a Galactic one. d. Dont forget the shadows, the code makers knew we are trained to ignore the shadows and they 21:20).1 Symbols in the stone The stone is which is symbolic of blood, sacrifice, blood atonement, the passing over The trick is to recognize this problem and then proceed to break away from it as quickly as possible. When making a treasure map, there IS ALWAYS a beginning point given on the map. Classic symbols of divinity—the lotus flower, Ganesha and the mandala—add glowing accents to the gemstones in 18k gold plate, while designs rooted in nature—mountain, stars, sun and moon—link the spiritual realm with the physical world. The Draig Sidhe Path is an evolving mystery tradition practicing a unique form of dragon magick. The “solution” that I will be discussing has to do with survey lines, or, as the book puts it, “treasure grids.” Written by an anthropologist who may have a useful insight into the social/clan structure of the Picts and how this was reflected on the symbol stones. Most of you have heard me say before that the number one reason for a persons failure to locate a treasure or mine is due to the lack of truthful information. here he explains the Letter type of treasure maps,again out if front of all the rehashed books on the subject…. As I dig into other website and uncover more of Digns wisdom, I will make additions ( in this section)to this very post. These meaningful symbols can encourage… What happens is that we tend to think of our local treasure sites as “individual” sites, sites that are unique and separate from other treasures around the country, with their own signs and symbols, etc. IN light of posting about the basics I want to post what to look for in terms of confirmation signs. I was driven by two symbols: The wheel of Dharma and Ying Yang. The number 8, when found in the “last steps” of a treasure trail means to “double the number you have been given.” Let me give you an excellent example of this “doubling.”. To receive a white stone means that you are free from condemnation. When following the instructions on the map, you will, AT EVERY POINT where there is a change in direction and distance, find a boulder or some kind of PERMANENT object that will have signs and symbols on it helping you out. The reason that the author went into this survey design is because he has a Jesse James treasure map that tells you that you must do this in order to find the treasure. Stand square to this hoyo, that is stand where you see the most of the sky exposed thru Getting to this alpha point is not complicated, you simply make your way to this point in whatever way that you can. I have spoken about the need for treasure hunters to understand many different things. After locating the true seventh step, the duck rock now had to be rotated to give you the bell symbol. If this sounds confusing to you, you’re right at home. Are you at the covered opening? retribution, or lamentation. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out /  So, unless you’re really good, treasure rooms and mines of the KGC and these other groups can be found ONLY with a map, a compass, and a tape measure, and by following the signs and symbols that were set up to aid you in your efforts. Well my friend traveled the 40 kilometers and never found the particular mountain that was called for in the letter, after a week or so of searching he gave up and returned home to the USA. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. One more thing about the “M.” Treasure hunters have been taught that when they find an “M” in the field that it is telling you to “go to the next valley” or something along those lines. Again incised on natural stones, they date from the 7th century. And the truth is, no matter what kind of treasure you are hunting for, whether it is Spanish, Church, Pirate or KGC treasure, you will be using the SAME EXACT SYSTEM FOR EACH. The unique Pictish symbols were incised on the smoothest face of natural boulders. Symbols have been used to tell these stories throughout the history of the Church. Simple grave-markers - have a basic cross symbol. In the Celtic language of symbolism, hand symbol meanings were connected to authority and power. Here you will be given the cluse thru confirmation makes of the final locations of the goods. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The reason for this “confirmation” process is simple, there are several “false trails” on EVERY treasure map, and if you were to follow one of these false trails, then you would need to know what you did wrong as well as how to correct your mistake and get back on the right track. Once you locate the Omega, this is be much more subtle and obscure. It’s common knowledge that there may be info carved on this boulder, but what you may not know about is the fact that many of these boulders have other smaller, partially buried rocks, that surround these large boulders. First and foremost, the “T” has a numerical value of 20, and this is very important to understand if you are hoping to see success as a treasure hunter. The letter H is the alphabetical equivalent to the 8, and as you already know, the H is an important symbol that represents a tunnel. Then interpret the signs accordingly. Each saint has a story and a reason why they led an exemplary life. It can be very confusing. With subsequent signs we only have “art” pics, not Treasure Monuments. Of all the maps that you will come into contact with as a treasure hunter, by far the most complicated are the maps carved onto rocks and boulders (as well as other places). Now, remember what the number 10 represents….the “J.” I will not go down this road at this time, but remember that the “J” means to change the direction given (change it to the EXACT opposite direction that you were given). And it is one of these “creative solutions” that makes me write this post, hoping to set the record straight before anyone tries to apply this solution to their own treasure site. It is common sense. In “Stones” by Timothy Findley, the symbol of a stone can be a representation of strength, solidarity, unchanging, powerful, coldness, hard, emotionless, or death among many, many different possible characteristics. The album HAS Promotone stamped on the vinyl. The Biblical meaning for the number 8 is “new beginnings.” This “new beginning” can also be applied to the New World (as America was called in the “beginning.” Also, The New World Order can be applied to this “new beginning” meaning. Scribes would take a stylus (a stick made from a reed) and press the lines and symbols into soft, moist clay. Dr. Leanne Hadley, the practice of using the HLS symbols is to help people share how they feel. 3. I have also found some old iron items and shell casings from the area and could use some assistance in determining what they are, what time period, etc. By getting the knowledge and the feel for these maps, you will be able to spot these “helpers” even though you’re just out camping or hiking. And again, take a measurement from the large boulder to these smaller rocks in order to get distance to these mines, etc. A number of Christian saints are traditionally represented by a symbol or iconic motif associated with their life, termed an attribute or emblem, in order to identify them. In the books written by Charles Kenworthy we are told about the number “40.” He explains how this number can actually be used as a non-number, mainly by confusing you into thinking that 40 feet is a measurement that you must make when in reality the actual distance can be much shorter than 40 feet. The letters in the word Eagle add up to 30 and, as you can see, this could cause some serious failure on your part if you try to measure 30 feet. Anyway, in this book, which shall remain nameless, the author states that a treasure grid was needed in order to find the treasures that are found by following a “certain” map. critical to good over your pics with a fine tooth comb. Dr. Leanne Hadley, the practice of using the HLS symbols is to help people share how they feel. uses symbols which are easily recognizable by all people across the world. The stone pictured on the right is called the Dunnichen Stone, a Class I stone as you can see from the presence of symbols only, and the lack of any Christian cross design. A bit of information here: The Dharma Wheel or Dharmacakra is the oldest symbol in Buddhism. Then just start walking in the compass direction given. From here on out is where you want to pay particular attention because EVERY instruction given on the treasure map from here on out is given in COMPASS DEGREES and EXACT MEASUREMENTS. on the Tx./Mexican border doing some field work and have come across some rock writings that I believe to be from the spanish exploration period. ( Log Out /  It is a trail designed to take you off into nowhere land, and there you will be lost, or, at least you will be far away from the treasure. Sirs, I am currently in west Tx. If you gain anything from this post, I want to reflect upon the fact that you need to be aware of where you are in your pursuit of the treasure that you seek. Now look for the spring that comes out of the rock near a large Palo Verde tree..20 paces to the Northeast, stop and dig down 3 feet to find the iron door the closes the entrance..below is 10,000 peso of worked ore, ready for shipment, and some gold coins. The Draig Sidhe Path was founded by Parker J. Torrence, author of "Sea, Land, Sky: A Dragon Magick Grimoire".. Dragonhenge is an online community for those interested in learning more about Dragon Magick or connecting with others who follow the path of the Draconic Pagan. The W is nothing more that an upside-down “M”. This beginning (alpha point) is nowhere near the treasures location (the omega point, the treasures location). From this simple and heartfelt sharing of life experiences, I see the mystery and the effectiveness of using these “holy listening stones” as a practice to help one express their feeling and spiritual journey in a more concrete manner. The problem that I am speaking of is what I call “local mentality.” Local mentality occurs when, as treasure hunters, we find treasure signs and symbols in our “backyards”, or more specifically, in our local areas. The theme for the Feburary edition of the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival is cemetery critters and we’re been asked to share photographs of “rabbits, squirrels, spiders, chipmunks…” or whatever else we’ve found in our cemetery visits. Some have said that the “comb and mirror” designations reflect the matrilineal society of the Picts and perhaps denote the property, grave or other territory of a locally powerful female figure. so that his data can be displayed for quick reference and your student workbook! It’s thought symbolized by the eight spokes of the Dharma Wheel. Stone Quotes 1. Below is a brief discussion of a few symbols that you may find helpful as you go to the temple. A few days ago I’ve received a request to draw/paint a “happiness” stone. for hole and is the Number one confirmation used by the Jesuits and the Spanish! These are the totem symbol that confirms the momentum, self-confidence and self-trust in the life of the wearer. By doubling the 31 feet (that we get from the bell) we get a new number of 62. We don’t realize that we have is a small piece of the “Big Picture.”, As your ability with deciphering treasure signs and symbols increases, this big picture will reveal itself to you. Actually, I already had something what suited perfectly. in the meantime , life happens and my freind now is married and has 4 kids and not much time for ole Mexico and the adventures of his youth.,.but some day he promises me that we will go once again in to the outback of Durango and look for this mountain and what it may hide. They reason is that the shadow I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding the relationship between the alphabet(s) and the number systems. The truth is, when you find an “M” in the field (if it is all by itself) you are being told to “look for the Owl, the Owl of Minerva,” that you are very close to a major accumulation room. Secondly, these maps of stone will try, very successfully, to lead you astray and take you further away from your goal. Written language, the hallmark of human civilization, didn't just suddenly appear one day. D4, D5, J8. The stone profile was first discovered in 1805. It was considered as a symbol of friendship but now it has become a fashion choice. They knew that future generations of the Brethren would he packed up his goods, had them shipped back to Spain, covered over his mine, and left the letter for some We know that meaning already so I won’t go into it. The number 13 comes from the owl itself. I recently purchased a 1st pressing large zipper Sticky Fingers album by the Rolling Stones (COC 59100 A4 B4 TML Rolling Stones matrix and etchings). Writing was inscribed on clay tablets.

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