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yarn label symbols

That's needle size 8 US (5mm). This particular yarn is a super bulky weight yarn. 7 is new, it’s for when you are knitting with roving. You can check out their standards system HERE. Learn what the different yarn washing symbols mean with our PDF infographic! How to read the Labels on Yarn In our first week of this "Crochetpedia" series we will be covering how to properly read yarn labels, their symbols and information, and we will also be using that information to swatch yarn in order to determine the gauge needed to accurately follow patterns. Yarns are nothing but various types of fibers that are spun together. It wouldn't be right if  they weren't included. 6. When you see a square with a circle inside, this is your drying information. Especially if you are substituting a different brand of yarn than what a pattern calls for and that skein has a different amount of yardage in it. The other 2 numbers, the article number (763) and the color number (174) are for the manufacturers to use to keep track of different products. The stitches and rows per inch is what's called your knitting gauge and it's really important to understand all about that too. You may also want a certain thickness. Veteran knitters and crocheters read yarn labels in order to find the right type of yarn for their next project, but a newbie to the craft can learn the finer points of a yarn label as well. I designed this printable to fit 3 labels on one 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper, which is standard letter size in the US. Yarn labels have to fit in a lot of information in a small amount of space, and instead of using a lot of small text (which would just be unreadable and annoying), they use symbols where they can. Not every yarn label will contain an Article #. I hope that if you found this tutorial helpful that you will share it and be sure to follow me on social media! Yardage is important for knowing how many skeins of yarn you will need for a specific project. Crochet Chart Symbols Stitch charts in crochet and knit patterns are being used more and more as an addition to or in place of words to describe a pattern stitch. Alphabetic size symbols are XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. At that period crocheting was considered more like a hobby than the job or function. You’ll commonly see yarn come in 50-gram or 100-gram balls or skeins, but that’s not always the case. It wouldn't be right if they weren't included. Typical yarn label contains: Brand Name and Yarn Name Fiber Content and Yarn Weight (Thickness) Print this chart and have this resource next to you in your craft studio.<br /> <br /> If you're wondering what does the triangle with the X mean on my yarn label, or maybe the square with a circle inside, you are in the right place. 0 is as it says Lace Weight. Because each skein of yarn is different and made with a different fiber content, the symbols can vary a little. The more dots the hotter you can have the heat. The largest letters on yarn labels will be the company name. The dots on any laundry symbol represents how hot you can have the heat setting. Note:  Each company has their own label so the information may not be in the When you see so many little markings on a package of yarn, it can be difficult to decipher what they all mean. This section tells you how to laundry the yarn. >>Click here to download the PDF of the DIY Yarn Labels<< To narrow it down even further they want you to get 4.25 stitches per inch and 5.75 rows per inch. Craft Yarn Council 3740 N. Josey Lane, Suite 126 Carrollton, TX 75007 Tel: 972 … Skein Lane recommends keeping your yarn labels in a journal with a sample of the yarn. Let's continue. Rather than using long, complicated washing and cleaning instructions for your yarn we've opted for a … What’s the reason? - How to Read a Yarn Label - Crochet at BellaOnline 1. The third box is very much like the knitting one only it's for crochet and it's a crochet hook symbol. Drying First of all in the center is a pair of needles with the number 5 mm at the top and 8 US below. But you need to know how to read the yarn label to understand what information it offers. Pay particular attention to Gauge (how many stitches and rows per inch) and suggested needle size: This information gives you an idea of what the final knitted fabric will look […] They’re all right here, and TOTALLY FREE! These symbols indicate how best to care for an item that will be made from the yarn. Length of yarn in yards and meters 7. This one is My Yarns. Please do not sell, claim my patterns as your own, or use my photos. I know a lot of y’all are probably wondering what’s so important about being able to read a yarn label. You don’t want to start making a blanket only to later grab another skein you bought and realize that it’s a shade off of the other skein. Learn how to read a yarn label with ease, so that you can pick the perfect yarn for that knit baby sweater or crochet afghan pattern.This tutorial will decipher the yarn label so that you’ll get the perfect yarn. This means that you will need to get 17 stitches and 23 rows in 4 inches. Using that size hook should give you a desired gauge of 12 single crochet (12SC) and 15 rows (15 R) in 4 inches (10cm). The second gauge symbol is for crochet hooks. Weight of skein in ounces and grams 6. Of course, it completely depends on the style of each project and could vary a little. It may be hard to match it up if you run out. same place. This yarn recommends a 5.5 mm or I-9 crochet hook. The outside bottom of the box says 17 S (stitches), the right side 23 R (rows). 3 is Light Worsted/ DK (Double Knit) 4 is Worsted/ Aran. For instance you pick up a sock yarn that is 100 g / 3.5 oz and you also pick up another light yarn that is 100 gr / 3.5 oz. I have bought two colors that look identical but they weren't and it does make a difference when you're knitting. I hope you will enjoy creating something new with me! The top square with the skein of yarn tells you the weight (thickness) of the yarn. The fiber content will be on all yarn wrappers. Basic Symbols : Definition : Tub-Washing instructions. Gauges for crochet and knit 5. This number is the dye lot number. Yarn Label Here's a quick diagram showing the different parts of a yarn label: Yarn Care You'll notice that Lion Brand Yarn labels now feature universal care symbols. It helps to support my blog and keep all of my patterns free. It is Copyscape protected, Tumble dry low, gentle or delicate heat cycle, Dry clean, any solvent, any heat, any cycle, any moisture, Dry clean, any solvent except Have you ever looked at a label on your yarn and wondered what all the different little symbols mean? This label simply lists the fiber content (48% recycled silk, 36% fine merino, 16% cashmere), yardage (224 yds), color (pollen, #2041), dye lot (1031) and care (hand wash only, etc. Numbers can range from 0 being the thinnest to 7 being the thickest. You can know say that you can decipher all those little symbols and numbers on a yarn label. It will list the actual weight and length of the yarn, this one is 7 oz/198 grams and 364 yards/333m. When giving a hand knitted or crocheted item as a gift, it’s so helpful to include a label from a ball or skein of yarn used for the project so that the recipient will know how to care for the item. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. And that way you have the yarn label symbols and the laundry symbols all in one spot. You need to make a gauge swatch that is 4 inches wide and 4 inches long. The symbol on this yarn is a little iron with a red X through it. 2. The last symbol in the top right is the recommended knitting needles and knitting gauge. Suggested crochet hook & knitting needle size. Always check to make sure the dye lot numbers are the same. This is where you’ll find in words and/or symbols how to care for your finished objects made with the yarn. It suggests a crochet hook size of I-9 (5.5mm). Reading a yarn label might sound like a simple task, but if you aren't familiar with the symbols and format it can feel like you’re trying to read a foreign language. Color of yarn 2. This skein is a #4 Medium worsted weight yarn. No problem, I will show exactly what every symbol means so you can properly know how to read a yarn label. Weight: Whenever you see this symbol, it indicates what the weight of the yarn is. Here's my knitting gauge page if you'd like to have a look. So be sure to check this part of the label and familiarize yourself with the laundry care symbols you can find here. Knitting needles and yarn. Thank you so much for supporting my blog. There are other iron symbols too, with dots to indicate whether you can iron the yarn on low, medium, or high temperature. And once you know what to look for it's easy peasy. This section tells you how many skeins you will need for each of these specific projects. I love to create new things whether crochet, knit or jewelry. This site may contain affiliate links. If you are making a certain project that requires multiple skeins of yarn, you will want to make sure that each skein has this same number. All this information is wrapped neatly around your little ball of yarn. On one side of the box is 4 X 4 inches, at the top is 10 cm X 10 cm. You are more than welcome to share and sell your creations made with my patterns, just link them all back to:  and give me credit as the designer: Kylee Keller  It takes a lot of time to make and develop new patterns, please give me credit and link back to my blog accordingly.If y’all have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask as I am always happy to help. So I put together a handy printable and Pinterest ready chart for your reference! I've get questions about yarn weights and thicknesses all the time - and with readers from around the world, I know not every yarn label follows the same system! Next is the color and color number. Theres many reasons for reading a yarn wrap. What's important to know is that you may pick up two different balls of yarn both weighing the same and maybe even looking similar but they may not have the same yardage. The 2 squares below with the knitting needles and crochet hook tells you what size of needle or hook recommended for this specific yarn. This is really important too. This is probably the most confusing part of the label, because who really knew what all those little symbols meant??? This is the Shibui yarn company’s Pebble yarn. In order to make sure you care for your knitted piece as best as possible, take a look at this handy re This is light blue and the color number is A123. Many yarn labels will also contain how much the yarn weighs in ounces and/or grams. Lot # refers to the batch (or lot) in which the yarn was dyed. The fibers can … No problem, I will show exactly what every symbol means so you can properly know how to read a yarn label. If you can buy enough yarn for what you need in your project that would be great. . I know a lot of y’all are probably wondering what’s so important about being able to read a yarn label. ***One Important note on laundry symbols*** The dots on any laundry symbol represents how hot you can have the heat setting. Note:  Below I have listed some common laundry care symbols and their meanings. Yarn Care Symbols can be confusing. #1 Wash labels. Here is a yarn label I have from a skein of Bernat Blanket yarn. Copyright © 2011 - 2020 by Vickie Danielsen  All Rights Reserved, Please don't copy the content of this site. Symbols on Yarn Labels. Yarn weight: The Craft Yarn Council has Before we start, a general rule: if the item is made up of more than one fabric, you should follow the instructions that apply to the most delicate part. Or you may want certain types of yarn like wool, acrylic or cotton. Knowing the meaning of the symbols on the clothing labels helps to avoid unwanted results, even if the labels are not always clear and easy to understand. Learn <em>How to Read Yarn Labels</em> with this quick tutorial.<br /> <br /> Yarn labels are pretty standardized - no matter the brand, you'll be able to find the information you're … And, that is all there is to it! The numbers for thickness start at 0 (thinnest) and go to 7 (thickest) according to the Craft Yarn Council yarn standards. This will not affect the purchase price and you will not pay more when you buy through my link. Below that section, it’s just telling you that it is machine washable and dryable. I also made a short little video explaining all of the details. 6 is super bulky. It just depends on the company but you should be able to find some information on the yarn. Triangle - Bleaching ... Triangle - Chlorine bleach per directions on label. Yarn weight standards are determined by the Craft Yarn Council. First I want to cover the symbols that are just for yarn. 1 is Fingering/ Sock. Have you ever looked at a label on your yarn and wondered what all the different little symbols mean? You can keep it with the swatch you made. In order to master crocheting we should learn to interpret the symbols and signs on yarn label correctly. The more dots the hotter you can have the heat. If you’ve ever shopped for yarn, you know how important it is to know how to read a yarn label. When you pick up a new ball of yarn, there is a plethora of information on that little slip of paper. In our yarn label example, the first gauge symbol shows that by using a size 9 needle, you will make 20 stitches and 23 rows in a 4 x 4 inch (or 10 x 10 cm) square fabric. A yarn label has tons of vital information. Clearly, that means that an iron should never touch this yarn! The dye lot (or lot) number is 456. Any "X" on any laundry symbol means "do not". It can affect the time you spend searching for yarn (both in the store and online), the amount of money you spend on buying the yarn for your project, and what hook size you’ll need to complete your project. and I'm the Okie behind Okie Girl Bling'n'Things. Yarn label will tell you what qualities does your yarn have, or how to take care of the items you make with it. Another important reason, you will want to know how to match dye lot numbers. The number in the center describes the thickness so it's a size 4 medium weight yarn. In other dryer symbols, you will see dots in the center, X’s, lines underneath and more! After all it isn't going to be a ball of yarn for long right? In this example, this symbol means you can dry this yarn normally. The “12 SC”, “14 R”, “4 in x 4 in”, and “10 cm x 10 cm” is the gauge swatch instructions. How to Read a Yarn Label. This is the suggested knitting needle size they want you to knit with. If you find a symbol that you cannot decode, just ask the helpful staff of Skein Lane. Manufacturing company information 4. 5 is bulky. It also may be an idea to take note of the yarn care instructions for yourself or hang onto the label so that you can remember how to care for the fabric as well. This week Tracie and Jodi demystify laundry symbols and offer a FREE downloadable guide to help! I broke my yarn label into a section here so you don't have to keep moving to the top photo. It also tells you how big a 4” x 4” gauge swatch should measure if using the recommended size hook or needle. These are the Universal Care Symbols used by yarn manufacturers around the world. 3. These labels are great for smaller skeins of yarn, rather than bigger skeins since it only measures about 11″ long. Some wools can withstand a good wash and dry, some synthetics can’t! For instance you may want to substitute the yarn that is called for in a pattern. Following are the standardized crochet symbols that have been adopted by members of the Craft Yarn Council and are considered to be the clearest and easiest to render and to read. The yarn that is in the pictures will be Lion Brand’s ‘ZZ Twist’ Yarn in the color green apple, This section tells you how much yarn each skein has. The far right box and the two bottom boxes are laundry care symbols for your yarn. The yarn label will tell you exactly how much yarn you have. ). Universal care symbols are being used to reduce language on yarn and clothing labels. Some also give more information than others. Weight of yarn (0 being lace weight and 6 being super bulky) 9. My favorite color is purple and I have a big sweet tooth. This label for a yarn you’ll often find at independent yarn shops is very different than the Patons and Lion Brand labels above. But, now you do! Typical US yarn label from the brand Lily. Never accidentally shrink a garment again! And the first box on your left shows a ball of yarn that says medium and has a number 4 in the center. As you can probably tell I made this yarn label and I numbered the important elements so that it will help you understand. trichloroethylene, fiber content, wool or cotton for instance. Triangle X'd Out - Do not use chlorine bleach. I know it's not exactly the most creative. This section, of course, tells you the fiber content if the yarn in 3 different languages. Be aware that the yarn symbols used on the labels are not completely standardized among manufacturers, so the symbol may vary a bit from label to label. 5. If you make a purchase through one of my links I may receive a small commission. Yes possibly. Buy ordering supplies through these links, I will receive a small percentage of the sale with no additional cost to you. Article # refers to a code that the manufacturer uses to keep track of different products. Well, if you spend hours of your time working on a special piece, don’t you want to be able to know how to care for and clean it? It gives it in net weight (3.5 oz) and in yards (246). If your knitting project was a gift you could include the yarn label with the gift. The second box from the left gives you some really important knitting information for such things as needle size and knitting gauge. 2 is Sport/ Baby. Dye lot number 3. And that way you have the yarn label symbols and the laundry symbols all in one spot. That way they can care for their hand made gift. Notice that the weight classification is given in two different ways: The yarn weight symbol from the Craft Yarn Council, and with the common descriptor “worsted”. I'm really bad for that. Totally free knitting habits for newbie socks, Yarn Skein Label Template basic magic loop clothes, magic cycle hats, legwarmers, scarves, mittens, and more. Yarn labels or some people call them yarn wraps pack a lot of information and you'll need to know what it all means especially if you're following a knitting pattern. You did knit up a swatch right? One dot is the lowest. Standard size symbols are used here and attaching into the seams under the main label of garments. How to Read a Yarn Label INFORMATION FOUND ON A YARN LABEL: 1. They are universal in that you may see them for washing, ironing, dryers and so on. The yarn label often will … This section, the knitting needle symbol section, on yarn labels is the part that knitters need to take a look at. One dot is the lowest. I have included this chart below. Feel like I am late towards the bandana include party, yet I have a gorgeous skein of “Marjaana” wool and would like to utilize it to with this cowl. You need to know if it can be machine washed or hand washed, tumble dried or lay flat to dry and if you can dry clean it. Each yarn color is given a special name and color number. Label of fiber contents, RN number and country of origin: We should make a label to contain these 3 things to … To download this chart or print a copy, just CLICK HERE to open just the graphic! Fiber content 8. Here’s how to make sense of what’s on that label. 4. They may look almost the same but if you read the yarn wrapper you may find that the ball of sock yarn has 425 yards / 388 m and the other ball of light yarn has only 346 yards / 316 m.  That's quite a difference. ***An important little note, every yarn label will differ on how everything is placed on the label, some have this information on the front, others on the back but all labels will have this same basic information. This one is 100% acrylic. Even though the color may look exact it could be off just a tiny bit. Then, of course, you have the name of the color, Green Apple. This means it is medium weight. The next set of boxes show you the gauge and laundry care symbols. All an amateur needs is a few tips for understanding a yarn label and its overabundance of information. Go to Top .

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